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We offer invisible aligners, clear braces & adult braces 
in Boca Raton, Coral Springs & the Surrounding Areas

Many people would like to feel good about their smile, but they’re self-conscious about their teeth. Recent innovations employed by Dr. Cohen in the specialty of orthodontics have made it possible to shape a healthier, improved smile without bulky metal braces. New aesthetic braces, removable invisible braces (Invisalign®), clear braces and high-tech memory wires are now available. People will hardly notice you are wearing them, and you’ll find them to be more comfortable than ever. Furthermore, the doctor's ability to diagnose TMJ disorders broadens the scope of a patient’s orthodontic care.
Cohen Orthodontics Staff

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child first visit an Orthodontist by age 7, and often as early as age 3. We stress the importance of an orthodontic evaluation at an early age, while a child’s jaws are growing. A head start on treatment can set the stage for a more stable bite correction later on. We can improve bites and smiles at any age, however, there are definite benefits to early diagnosis and treatment. At this age, Dr. Cohen is concerned with the position and symmetry of the jaws, future growth, spacing of the teeth, breathing and other oral habits which may, over a period of time, result in abnormal dentofacial development.

Teenagers comprise the largest group of orthodontic patients. This is a difficult age requiring genuine understanding: a specialty of Team OTA. Teenage patients relate well to the youthful enthusiasm extended by Dr. Cohen and his staff. In this stage of development, Dr. Cohen will be looking at how your child's teeth and jaws fit and work together. Attention will be given to the facial profile, aesthetics, periodontal tissues and the jaw joint (TMJ).

More and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment, eager for a more attractive face and smile, healthier gums, and freedom from jaw joint pain. Adult braces are becoming more common and the continued advances in new materials and technologies are expected to enhance the adult patient's experience. Dr. Cohen is conscious of the adult patient’s lifestyle and their desire for less visible braces, and, above all, is sensitive to the special needs of an adult whose jaw bones are fully developed.
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